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  • Special equipment design permit (pressure vessel)

    Release time:Jan 03, 2017 Browse time:96

    Certificate of special equipment design (pressure vessel) Issued by the State Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine Release time: 2015.6 Valid period: 2019.5...

  • Engineering consulting qualification certificate

    Release time:Jan 03, 2017 Browse time:135

    Certificate of engineering consulting Issued by: National Development and Reform Commission Release time: 2014.8 Valid period: 2019.8...

  • Engineering design qualification certificate

    Release time:Jan 03, 2017 Browse time:182

    Certificate of engineering design qualification certificate Issued by the State Ministry of housing and urban rural development Release time: 2014.3 Valid period: 2019.3...

  • Business license

    Release time:Jan 03, 2017 Browse time:188

    Name of certificate: business license Issued by: Shijiazhuang Administration for Industry and Commerce Release time: 2004.6 Valid period: 2034.6...

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